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Septic Drain Field Installation and Replacement

We specialize in drain field installations and drain field replacements.  In the state of Florida there are 2.7 million septic systems registered with the Florida Department of Health with more and more systems being installed annually.  The drain field is the most expensive part of any septic system and is specifically designed to meet the wastewater treatment needs of your home or building.  They are not a one size fits all service.

We Specialize In Septic Drain Field Installations

Coleman Tank Solutions, Inc. is a septic system company that specializes in drain field installation and drain field replacement.  We are based out of Brandon, FL and serving Tampa and all of Hillsborough County and the surrounding area.  Whether you need to have a new septic drain field installed or a failed septic drain field replaced our team is ready to help you.


Awesome People, very professional, great communication and a wonderful company to work with


When a septic tank has to be replaced, repaired or pumped out this should definitely be the first company you call. Eric and his team are confident in their work and professional in their delivery. I was provided with a solid proposal and the job was completed on time. It was a pleasure working with Coleman Tank Solutions and I will gladly recommend them to anyone.

Timothy Barker April 24, 2024

Eric and Sarah were professional and extremely easy to work with. Communication was great. The work was done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely refer this company to any friend or family member.

ShellyShutt April 9, 2024

An outstanding bunch of folks. I needed my tank pumped asap to deal with a plumbing issue and Sarah went above and beyond to fit me in. When the truck arrived, they went right to it and checked out my septic system, and reccomended a fix that was safety related. Afterwards, they gave me a thorough run down of services done, reccomended improvements, and advice on maintaining the system. I'd happily reccomend them to friends.

John Rowe March 28, 2024

Was quick to answer and respond to our situation in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again.

Casey Altman March 18, 2024

Kenny and Nick were great and answered all my questions Regarding the condition of my septic tank. He was also very thorough and his cleaning. Sarah was also very pleasant to deal with over the phone when I scheduled the call. And when letting me know when they were on the way. I Will highly recommend this company to all my neighbors. We've all been having problems with companies we have been using. Thank you guys for helping us so quickly. Everybody I dealt with was very pleasant and professional!!!

mark pilcher January 19, 2024

Sarah was awesome and coordinating and arranging for the service. I had a complicated service and Comment and solutions came in ready to tackle the problem and got it done. Would recommend them to anyone!!!!

Nik December 22, 2023

The Coleman’s were wonderful to work with. They answered all of our questions timely and professionally. They are very knowledgeable and our entire project went smoothly. We were impressed with their employee we worked with as well. Highly recommend!

Kristie Duff December 3, 2023

What Should You Consider With Septic Drain Field Installations

Septic drain field installation needs to be completed by a professional who understands how these systems work.  Your new septic drain field is an important investment in your property and you want to make sure it will last a long-time and operate trouble-free for many years.  Poorly installed septic drain fields are one of the most common reasons we're called out to replace a drain field and it's generally avoidable.

#1.  The size of your septic system.  The more bathrooms and people in your household the more wastewater your system will generate.  Larger systems require larger drain fields.  We want to make sure your system is sized appropriately for your specific property and it's use.

#2.  Is your property flat and level or does it have a slope?  Drain field installation on flat and level ground is much less complex than installing a septic system on a slope.  Sloped properties may require the septic tank and drain field to be quite far away from each other and often require the installation of a lift station.

#3.  What Type Of Soil Do You Have?  The condition and type of your soil is very important to the efficient operation of your septic drain field.  Harder soils have poor drainage and good drainage is an integral part of an efficient septic system.

at Coleman Tank Solutions, Inc. we'll be able to design and install a septic drain field on your property regardless of the complications your property presents.  We have over 25 years of experience in the septic and wastewater industry.  We'll be able to install a septic drain field that will meet all county requirements and last for many years with regular septic maintenance.

Signs Your Septic Drain Field Might Be Failing:

  • Do you notice water pooling up on your drain field?
  • If you have water pooling does it smell foul like raw sewage?  If yes, that's not a good sign.
  • Are you dealing with unusually frequent sewage backups in your home?

Here Are Some Common Reasons Septic Drain Fields Fail:

Septic drain fields are relatively simple systems so when they fail or show signs of failing it's usually easy to pinpoint the source of the problem with a thorough inspection by an experienced septic inspector.

#1. Drain fields are situated just below the surface of the soil and as a result they can be easily damaged by heavy equipment or vehicles driving over them.  The weight can crush the piping which results in the system not being able to efficiently disperse the wastewater, leads to clogs, and septic system failure.  Do not drive vehicles or heavy equipment over your drain field.  This includes not parking boats, trailers, or RV's on your drain field either.

#2.  Brush, trees, bushes, hedges, etc... growing overtop of your drain field can and will eventually cause problems.  The root systems of plants and trees are attracted to the nitrogen rich wastewater and they will infiltrate the pipes in your septic field.  This can cause clogs and prevent your drain field from working.

#3.  Missing effluent filters are very common.  Your effluent filter was designed to capture solids and stop them from entering your drain field.  Your effluent filter is something that should be regularly cleaned (every 6 months or so) so that it is in good working order and not disrupting the flow of wastewater.  When a filter gets clogged what usually happens is the wastewater builds-up in your tank resulting in slow flushing toilets, slow drains, and even backups into your home.

#4.  Poor system maintenance is probably one of the top causes of septic drain field failures.  Pumping out your septic tank every 3-5 years is the best insurance you have to protect your drain field.  When solids build up in your septic tank they will eventually end up in your drain field.  Your drain field was meant to handle wastewater, not solids so the end result will be a severely clogged drain field that will need to be replaced.

Septic Drain Field Installation Brandon Florida

If you would like an estimate to have a septic drain field installed or replaced please give our office a call (813) 687-4990 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you right away during regular business hours.